June News

I played drums on this limited edition 7″ by Bouquet. You can stream (or buy) the whole album on bandcamp.

In other news, the new Tes Elations EP will be dropping this week in time for our release show, I’ve finished tracking drums for the Battery Amp debut which will be coming out later, my gig with Joe Santa Maria’s quartet next tuesday is an LA Weekly pick of the week, I’ve begun playing shows with Sanglorians and there is a facebook page for my classic jazz group, The Essentials, which you should go and “like”. Check the shows section for info on upcoming gigs by all of those bands including some out of town excursions to Mexico and the East Coast with Timur at the end of July.

March News

Helloooooo. I’ve got some shows coming up with new projects that I’m very excited about. Please check the shows section for details and come on out and support!

My very good saxophone friend, Joe Santa Maria, and I have formed a two-horns quartet to perform classic albums of the jazz cannon. It is our intention to play at bars and have a good time while digging into the albums that have inspired us. We’ll be debuting this event April 27 at our favorite bar, 1642, and TOMORROW at The Famous in Glendale playing the music of Lee Morgan including his immortal Blue Note classic “The Sidewinder” in it’s entirety. Completing the band is Frank Silva on tenor sax and Toshi Sato on bass.

On April 6, my other saxophone friend and long-time collaborator in bands such as Pitch Like Masses and the Vinny Golia Sextet, Jon Armstrong, is leading a big band performance at the blue whale. We’re gonna fit upwards of twenty people in there, and it’s ALL original music. Much of his music does not sound like traditional big band jazz music, rather it encompasses the kaleidoscope of the many influences that make up his personality. Trevor Anderies, Randy Gloss and Chris Payne will all be joining me in the batterie section. This is gonna be pretttty cool!

Also, my very good buddy and roommate, Gabe Deutsch, has a killer rock band called Battery Amp (formerly known as Baby Gabey and the Cameltones). We’ve been underground rehearsing on and off for about two years now. Our last (and first) show was on Halloween 2012. Check out the pics on facebook. I most definitely did wear a bloody white dress and wig. Please do come to our second outing at Lot 1 in Echo Park on April 17. This band is loud and super super fun. We also play all original music, straight from the one-of-a-kind mind of Gabe.

Sooooooooooooo to recap what’s been happening so far in 2013… I’ll go reverse-chronological. Pitch Like Masses appeared in a revised line-up to perform two shows at a Chinatown indie puppet theater space called Automata. Our frontman, the irreplaceable Billy Mark, moved to Detroit last year. We are not foolish enough to attempt to replace him however in his absence we’ve added Alex Noice to thicken the texture on guitar, keyboard sampler, kaos pad, pedals, etc. This show was a collaboration with animation team, Magnuzaki Labs, called “Into the Sun: in three movements”. The piece was sonic-visual improvisation which lasted about 45 minutes, exploring different aspects of the sun as our central cosmic body, one that guides us through the passage of time, that purifies us and is part of our bodies in the most basic level: life energy.

Through most of February I was on a three week European Tour with singer-songwriter, Simone White. We played in Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, France and Italy. This was my first time incorporating live sample triggering into my setup. Simone’s current record is very production heavy so reproducing the songs live necessitates this approach. I used a drumKat 3.5 with Logic. It was definitely a learning curve and there were definitely some technical hurdles but this is something I’m happy to be able to add to my arsenal and plan to explore further. Also in the band was Ihui Cherise Wu on keys, a delightful road companion if there was one. Lots of laughs. I have to say my fondest memories are of the amazing food and drink we were treated. Met some real wonderful people, too. Can’t wait to go back. LA peeps can see me and Ihui play with Simone at the Bootleg Theater on April 28th for Derde Verde’s EP Release Party. I can’t recommend them enough, by the way. Friendships notwithstanding, their first album Moon/Mirror is amazing and can’t wait to hear what they’ve got coming.

Before that, in January, Timur and the Dime Museum was invited to be a part of the Prototype Festival in New York which took place at the HERE theater space in SoHo. We spent five days there doing a multimedia set with Jesse Gilbert on interactive visuals. Check out the band website for a good idea of what we’re working on now. I can’t really verbally describe adequately what this band does, though this NPR interview gives a good idea. We recently finished an album.

November News

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! I’m spending it with my San Diego family and hope you’re preparing to gang up on a turkey with your loved ones, too. I’ve been without a computer for a spell, so to sum up the last couple months……. In October, I joined up with Bouquet to hop on the last 2 weeks of Mount Eerie‘s US tour. We played 14 shows in 14 days from Arizona to Washington and had a blast doing it. Phil Elverum’s current lineup is a mostly very young group of Anacortes,WA-based multi-instrumentalists. They are all great folks and sound great together. Highly reccomend!!! Here’s a group shot from underneath the Cozmic Cafe in Placerville:

Bouquet & Mount Eerie // L to R: Nick, Carolyn, Aaron, Paul, Allison, Carson (standing) Tom, Phil (seated), and Me (up front)

Worth mentioning are a couple CDs I acquired along the way that I cannot stop listening to. Do yourself a solid and get your hands on these:

  • Overgrown Path by Chris Cohen ::: The last show of our tour was the first show of his, supporting his first proper solo album. Very glad I snagged a copy. Incredible songwriting. He was a member of Deerhoof during my favorite period of their’s (Apple’O) and I can see now what an influence he probably had on their music at the time.
  • Aggressively Humble by CHLL PLL ::: In Placerville we played with local band Biosexual. Upon hearing of my Zach Hill obsession, their drummer Zac Nelson gave me a copy of this cd they made together. Hill provides the insane drumming, as usual, over which Nelson layered keyboards, harmonized vocals and electronics. The two have a ridiculous chemistry and surprisingly, for all it’s hyper-progressive elements and complex production, a lot of these songs are catchy as hell… Jocelyn Noir (other Biosexual member) also gave me a tape of her solo project ALAK and it is also totally amazing! I’m pretty sure Placerville is a secret UFO landing ground and these guys are humanoid alien expats living in the forest sending letters home via their bandcamp pages…… All in all, I’m really down with this crew and will be keeping up on their output.

After returning home with the songs all honed in, Bouquet tracked 5 songs at Roy Silverstein’s home studio in SD. They will hopefully be released next year in the form of a couple 7″ records. This was not before I did a session at Eddie Rivas’ Total Annihilation Studio for Bostonian brass man and composer David Dominique. We got a group together of my favorite partners in crime to lay down David’s Mingus-inspired jazz works. Brian Walsh, Joe Santa Maria, Gavin Templeton, Alex Noice, Colin Burgess, Eric Km Clark, and the leader on flugabone. Looking forward to hear how these albums turn out!

I bought a drumKat. I wonder where this will lead me. Got some ideas…

December will be a pretty chill month. Preparing a four night stint at the Prototype Festival in NYC with Timur and the Dime Museum. More on that…… here.

August News

Here’s a vid our friend Daniel snapped of a brand new song Tes Elations premiered last friday at our Echo show w/ Julia Holter. We put so much work getting it ready to play that we haven’t thought of a title for it yet… The past few days we’ve been tracking drums for the next album and I’m already excited for how it’s gonna sound!! Woo! Here we are earlier this month on our brief NorCal tour enjoying the clean air and beautiful scenery of Santa Rosa right after a morning blackberry picking excursion. Dig Isaac’s kinky top.

L to R: Andrew, Isaac, Alex, Barrie, Chris

What’s up next?? … Two back-to-back museum gigs with the Vinny Golia Sextet. First, the Hammer Museum in LA on sept 14th, then the Museum of Making Music in Carlsbad on the 15th.

Then a little bit later, going on a two-week West Coast tour supporting Mount Eerie. While I was not previously savvy to this band, I am now a total fan. Their latest release Clear Moon is quite wonderful… This will be with a new band called Bouquet.

More details about these things in the shows section.

Alright, that’s all for now! Thanks for checking in.