January 2014

Hi people! I hope this new year marks a fruitful new chapter for you. It certainly is proving to be a year of change for me. Ripe with opportunities and challenges alike. Thusly I thought it would be fitting to revamp and restyle the website with the help of my media guru Jess Castillo. Hope you like it!

I am currently gearing up for a six week US tour with Incan Abraham. It’ll be my longest stretch of tour yet and I’m looking forward to getting in the van with these guys. LA peeps can catch us before we leave on Monday February 3rd at the Echoplex. Just click on that link over there on the left hand side for deets. And hear “Concorde”, a track from the forthcoming LP, featured on the all mighty Pitchfork.

In other news, the second Mystery Bau video for the song “Bite It” premiered today. Check it out on youtube. In it, I cameo as one of three judges of an all girl hot dog eating contest… I also can’t wait to put out the demo album of my jazz group The Essentials. We cranked out five tunes one night at the Record Plant in Hollywood with Jake Smith engineering and will hopefully be hustling up some more gigs with it. So holler at me if you need some good jazz in your life, or at your favorite bar, or at your swank cocktail party or backyard hot dog eating contest. You can also enter your email address here to keep abreast of all things Essentials:

Thanks for checking in, peeps. I will try to write more frequent news blogs on here and maybe even offer up more fun things beside just boring updates about gigs! That is my nu yrs resolution. xoxo

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