October 2017

My jazz group, The Essentials, has been working with the wonderful singer, Simone White. We recorded a few standards one afternoon with the help of recording engineer, Pete Min. Spread the word to your wedding/event/party planner friends!

May 2016

Got a few homemade tracks up on soundcloud for your streaming enjoyment

These are”quick and dirty” little recording projects executed by myself on all instruments with very little production value. (The acoustic instruments are all recorded on iphone or zoom.) I am working towards an official solo release with a full band in a real studio, but that takes time and money. So in the meantime, this is simply a discreet outlet to share some raw ideas. As a side benefit, I’m learning lots about Logic Pro in the process.

July 2015

Debuted a new trio to play my original music.

Richard Sears: moog bass, keys
Gregory Uhlmann: guitar
Andrew Lessman: drums, compositions 
Thank you for coming to our show at the blue whale!

blue whale flyer
Here is a trio of instagram vids showing a tiny peek into the sound world we’ve been cultivating: