May 2016

Got a few homemade tracks up on soundcloud for your streaming enjoyment

I’m not the most prolific, but I plan to continue uploading stuff of this nature. “Quick and dirty” recording projects executed by myself on all instruments with little to no production value. I am working towards an official solo release with a full band in a real studio, but that takes time and money. So in the meantime, this is simply an exercise in self-sufficiency and a means to share some ideas with anyone who cares to listen. As a side benefit, I’m learning lots about Logic Pro in the process.

July 2015

Debuted a new trio to play my original music.

Richard Sears: moog bass, keys
Gregory Uhlmann: guitar
Andrew Lessman: drums, compositions 
Thank you for coming to our show at the blue whale!

blue whale flyer
Here is a trio of instagram vids showing a tiny peek into the sound world we’ve been cultivating: